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Maid services vs Housekeeper services

Did you know maids perform different tasks than housekeepers? The biggest differences between a housekeeper and a maid are the prices they charge, the types of work they do, and their availability.

On one hand, maids offer services that focus on the upkeep of their customer’s houses.

Housekeepers, on the other hand, generally run errands and perform routine tasks for their customers, while also performing the tasks of a maid.

While housekeepers work “around the house”, maids work “on the house”. By “on the house”, I’m talking about the rooms and structures that occupy a home. This includes bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and any place within a home that requires upkeep. Maids also clean structures of the house, such as statues or tables.

Tasks, like such, do not involve cleaning the rooms or structures of a home. For further clarification, some examples of what maids do would be:

  • Dusting light fixtures

  • Cleaning kitchen countertops

  • Cleaning appliances

  • Mopping bathroom tile

  • Emptying trash cans

  • Cleaning bathtubs and showers

  • Changing linens

Even though housekeepers perform the same tasks as maids, they do not specialize solely in cleaning. Housekeepers will clean a house, just not to the extent that a maid will. As I’ve mentioned before, they work “around the house”. This means that, unlike maids, housekeepers will fold a customer’s clothes and wash their dishes. They offer all the services of a maid, all while doing the chores of their clients. Some examples of housekeeping services include:

  • Folding clothes

  • Dusting lights

  • Making beds

  • Washing dishes

  • Babysitting

  • Cleaning appliances

  • Feeding pets

  • Cooking

  • Simple home repairs

Because maids are different from housekeepers, it’s important to recognize the exact services each one provides. Hire accordingly!!

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